Twilight and Terrorism: Exploring the Gothic

Why are dolls used in horror movies? What makes a Gothic novel? And to what extent is 9/11 responsible for the Twilight franchise's popularity? With Halloween just around the corner, I thought it was time to delve into the sordid history of Gothic novels (which, incidentally, has nothing to do with the lip piercings and... Continue Reading →

Why I don’t need ‘empowering’

So, my school slapped my face onto a marketing poster. It's a (mostly) candid photo of me studying outside with my earphones in, head down, rocking a peach headscarf that just screams 'we have diversity!' My initial reaction was naturally your typical teenage-girly embarrassment, before alarm bells went off in my head, as I noticed... Continue Reading →


"O wind, rend open the heat, cut apart the heat, rend it to tatters." - Heat, H.D Hot weather makes me grumpy. During the heatwave, I found myself wilting faster than the pink roses on my windowsill, stifling in layers of fabric. In the garden, parched peonies were gasping for water, their stupid gaping faces... Continue Reading →

War Child: a poem

I wrote a poem in 2016 and it saddens me that it still feels relevant two years later. It's World Refugee Day today and I thought I could finally share this:...

Bad Dating Advice According to Classic Literature

Like every year, the 14th of February saw lovelorn lads and ladies flinging their pennies at saccharine greeting cards. Meanwhile, World Book Day saw Sixth Formers at my school adorning themselves with fairy wings and glitter in a celebration of true literature (i.e the Rainbow Magic series from our childhoods). With the two holidays almost... Continue Reading →

Women In Frankenstein: A Sexist Portrayal?

Is 'Frankenstein' sexist? It’s interesting to note that the narrative in its entirely is viewed through a male lens, with the female characters being reported through Frankenstein and then Walton. This could explain why many of the female characters within the book (*ahem* Elizabeth) are presented as paragons of virtue and purity, uncomplicated and sweet.... Continue Reading →

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